I'm a musician. Usually making chiptune influenced tunes, blended with various trendy genres.

As a semi capable DJ, I will play stompy EDM stuff in exchange for beverages and/or a place to crash, if the proposal interests me.

Usually releasing all my tracks whenever i finish them, on either Soundcloud or Youtube. After a while i bundle it up in an album and release it for modest amounts on Bandcamp, and this is the only way i accept donations in the forms of money.

I've also been active in the demoscene in the past, creating music for productions by various groups, like Even and Cubernicus.


My own self released content, remixes, or where one or more of my songs are featured on the release:

.. and a selection of collaborative works:




Taught me how to mix somewhat properly. Whether I use enough bass is still a debateable topic.


A true champion in squeezing out great artwork for my spontaneous and short noticed releases.


Made me realize that playing music live can _actually_ be a fun thing.


Tireless promoter and music eanthusiast. I'm also secretly jealous of his mixing skills.

Where to find me

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Random chatter and/or occasional relevant updates that may interest you:

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If you don't use/refuse to use social media, send me an e-mail