Motherchip & Malmen – A Thousand Sunflowers

Malmen – Cocos Cocos

Motherchip & Malmen – Shinjuku Nights
FIrst coop with Motherchip!

Malmen & Xyce – Papillons
First chiptune with Xylo and Cerror :)

Joule & Malmen – One Way Heart
Winner chiptune from Birdie 2013!

Malmen – Monkey Puzzle

Malmen – Sunsilk
New chippie.

Malmen & Coda – Holding Danishes
Quickie collab with coda for TRSAC 2012 oldskool music compo :) Placed 2nd

Malmen – Timelimit Bogus
chiptune :)

Malmen – Shades Of Indigo
Merry (late) Christmas! :)

Malmen – Nothing Can Stop Us
Summer-ish chip pop tune.

Malmen – Sun Rocket
Winner tune from Edison 2011 Tracked music compo.

Malmen vs Retro – Citrus Paradisi
First finished coop with Retro!

Malmen – Devotion Shuttle
Blip blop made for Birdie 2.1, placed 2nd.

Malmen – Distance Around My Heart
A happy cheer up-tune.

Malmen and Joule – Pelvic Thrust
Disqualified in a competition due to newschoolness. :) Anyway. Here it is.

Malmen – Shimmering Icicles

Malmen – Wildberries
A song originally made for a TiTAN-chipdisk but I don’t know where those plans went.. we’ll see. :P

Malmen – She’s All That
Yet another dedication to my one and only. :)

Joule and Malmen – Safe With Me
Winner tune from the tracked music compo at Birdie 2010.

Malmen – Good Morning Ziphoid
Placed 4th at Evoke 2010.

Malmen – Lion Mullets
Randomly made chiptune..

Malmen – The Phone Bill
Some phone bills can be nasty.. :(

Malmen and Joule – Tomorrow Without You
Made for the Advent Caldendar on 8bitcollective.

Malmen – Sunset In Her Eyes
Summer-ish pop chiptune.

Malmen – Stratocumulus Clouds
More chip-pop.

Malmen – Emerald Droplets
Even more chip-pop.

Malmen and Joule – Dragon Fruit
Short chiptune made with joule!

Malmen and Xaimus – Moonlit Memory
A coop with xaimus.

Malmen – Pudding Refiner
This is a fixed version of the original.

Malmen – Unbelieveable Lips
Blip blop.

Joule and Malmen – Tease Or Please
100kb category-winner tune from Exchip0 once upon a time.

Malmen – Flirt Talk
*flirts* … dunno.

Malmen and Madbrain – We Love Spheres
We kinda love spheres.

15 Responses to “Chiptunes”

  1. Ola Nygren Says:

    Du är grym på det du gör. Släpper du en skiva köper jag den lätt.

  2. admin Says:

    tack tack. vi får se :D

  3. cool Says:

    These tracks are really awesome! I like the happy melodies! Keep them coming! Greets from Holland.

  4. Tomczak Says:

    I love your tunes, Malmen. Very inspirational!

  5. Ciid Says:

    wow, your chiptunes have got me completely hooked. Keep it up, your music is simply amazing. Made this my homepage, so I can check out your new music asap :)

  6. admin Says:

    Thanks. I’m glad you like it :)

  7. admin Says:

    Thank you :)

  8. Koekenbakker Says:

    This section is chock full of win.

  9. Owsey Says:

    Last time I checked in here, I believe I asked if you were ever going to put DLs up. Fjern pointed me in your direction again, and it’s good to see the ball still rolling. Awesome!

  10. admin Says:

    Np :)

  11. Says:

    i guess you are as good as mosaik ^^

  12. Demondust Says:

    Fucking great to see the chipscene still alive and as damn good as back in the day. Fucking killer stuff, reminds me of the good old Radix days!

  13. cenix Says:

    Would you have them in the original tracker format as well?

  14. Rola Says:

    Thank you so much!

  15. Robin Says:

    Måste bara säga att du är min nummer tvåa när det kommer till chiptunes alltså.
    Du ligger nästan delad etta med mosaik… Dina tunes är så galet jäkla bra.
    Hörde Sun Rocket för första gången idag, och jag trodde helt ärligt att jag skulle gråta av lycka, fy fan vilka känslor den drog igång i mig. Hade sommaren varit här hade jag nästan gått ut naken. Helt ärligt, beyond otrolig.

    Har inte hunnit lyssnat igenom hela ditt alster än, men jag ska ta god tid att göra det. Otroligt, helt stört. I like it, I love it!
    Fortsätt som du gör, du är en stor stjärna på min himmel!

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