Malmen – Icebreaker
Entry for the Nordlicht 2013 music compo.

Malmen – Neritic Soundtrack
Song made for “neritic” by Cubernicus at Demodays 2013.

Malmen – Holding Onto Apollo

Malmen – Virus
3rd place in Birdie 2013 streaming music compo.

Malmen – My Only Snowgirl
Late night ballad tracking. Also using my PX7 rack extension for the first time in something finished. :)

Malmen – Sunbird
Dedication to m0d.

Malmen – Garnet Star
Fast paced trance/dance tune.

Malmen – Side By Side Romance
Entry for Function 2012, placed 7th out of 24 entries.

Malmen – Flora’s Letter

Malmen – Edison Glam
Entry for Edison 2012 streaming music compo, placed 4th.

Malmen – Bakemono
Entry for birdie 22, placed 3rd in streaming music!

Malmen – Soft Name For A Soft Heart
New song again! :)

Malmen – Smile
New song.

Malmen and Teetow – Jeff’s Candy Satellite
Rebooted version of the track in Candela’s demo “Jeff”!

Malmen – Last Christmas
For the Basshut x-mas happy hardcore musicdisk!

Malmen – City Is Burning
Entry for Kindergarden 2011 Gabber Compo, placed 8th.

Malmen & Lantto – Adrenaline Injector
Entry for Kindergarden 2011 Dance Music Compo, placed 4th.

Malmen – Radiotechnikal
New song.

Malmen – School Days Of Suhoi Yamosuhishio

Malmen – Shut Up
A mix between Neurofunk and Darkstep. I tried, atleast.

Malmen – Lost For Words
A ballad-ish tune I made a while ago.

Malmen – Jakob In Space
Winner and the only tune in the Edison 2011 Streaming Music Compo.

Malmen – Intentionalized Communication
Goatrance. :)

Malmen – Kangaroo Court (Birdie Edit)
My entry for Birdie 2011 Streaming music, placed 2nd!

Malmen – Waving Phase
An entry for Black Birdie 2008 (or 2009). I don’t remember.

Malmen – The World Behind Your Eyes
Pop tune. :)

Malmen – Safe In An Embrace
Made for my beloved one. :)

Malmen – Moon Phases
Italo Disco from 2008

Malmen – Autumn Departure
Track from 2009.

Malmen – Bedtime Stars
Lullaby time during easter :)

Malmen – Signal Void
Drum and bass. :) Future Engineers inspired.

Malmen – Framework State
2nd place in the gabber compo at Kindergarden 2010!

Malmen ft Thiborg – Fair Weather Friend (Forever)
Song for the Dance Music-compo at Kindergarden 2010

Malmen – Cute Robot Girl In Motion
Chippy reason-tune :)

Malmen – Whatever Matters
Trance tune made back in early 2009 I think. Released here autumn 2010. :P

Ceci ft. Malmen – Desolated Paradise

Malmen – Remembering Is Pain
A gloomy tune written during a few difficult days.

Malmen – On A Sunny Ocean
A tune which was made way too long ago but still unreleased.

Malmen – Saturn Dreamride
Placed 1st in the streaming music compo at Birdie 2010.

Malmen – Love Onset
Placed 2nd in an EDIS Demobeer compo during the summer of 2010.

Malmen – The Self Portrait
Quite sad lullaby written during a moody day.

Malmen – Is It Morning Already
A lullaby rework of a chiptune of mine, figure out which one :)

Malmen – Elliptical Orbit
Calm ambient tune with space influences.

Malmen – Sleepy On Sedatives
A slow tune which hopefully makes you sleepy.

Malmen (as Page Down) – Eagle Nebula
Spacey ambient.

Malmen (as Page Down) – Space Traveller
More spacey ambient.

Malmen – Close To You (Original 2006 Version
Seems to be a popular tune for some reason I don’t understand. But anyhow I’m glad you people like it :)

17 Responses to “Rendered”

  1. Tobibrocki Says:

    YAY for the new website look! :D
    Looks a bit more organized now, good job! :)

  2. Fjolly Says:

    Have you put up all the tracks that were on the last page? Seem to be missing some rendered/remixies I recall. Anywho, love all your work! Greetings from Nårje.

  3. admin Says:

    Yeah I haven’t put everything back up yet due to lazyness. Thank you either way for the appreciation!

  4. growolin Says:

    “Anywho, love all your work! Greetings from Narje.”
    Are you sure that this is true?

  5. robotics Says:

    Jakob in space – super! :wink:

  6. admin Says:

    Thanx :)

  7. Sammi WiG Says:

    Oh hai. I’m a Schweedisch fan. I do love your songs, the pop-ones especially. I’m a >30 yo geezer trying to finding your pop-zen. I’ve released this so far. It’s shit but I’m looking for tips from the Malmen.

  8. Sammi WiG Says:

    Fudge! The link is fubar. Here it is:

  9. Bernhard Says:

    Love these tunes.

    Any change on re-uploading some tracks in HQ or lossless?

  10. Malmen Says:

    I might someday soon. :) Thanks!

  11. Sealion Says:

    I think your contribution for “Edison 2012 streaming music compo” was awesome, and I really like your music in general! Your sounds, melodies and chord switching, just my taste. I want mooore!

    Cheers from Sweden (ofc)

  12. Brandon Walsh Says:

    Malmen <3 <3

  13. Malmen Says:

    Thank you :D Keep visiting this site for more music :)

  14. Says:

    donloaded all tracks one by one
    thats cool

  15. hijack Says:

    Desolated Paradise mmm -_____________-

  16. ColdFrixion Says:

    Are you still writing? I hope so, because this is some of the most awesome (and inspired) music I’ve heard from anyone, bar none!

  17. BINO Says:

    great work!

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