New pop for someone dear. :)

Pop music

Soft Name for a Soft Heart On the rendered page.

8 Responses to “New pop for someone dear. :)”

  1. Harmony Says:

    I’m loving this new track Malmen, so happy and bright but soft too, thank you for sharing it :)!

  2. AdamBast Says:

    hi, i just found out about your music (at the nectarine demoscene radio) and i like it very much! thanks for the music and keep going ;)

  3. Malmen Says:

    Thank you! :)

  4. Malmen Says:

    Not a problem. :) Glad you like it.

  5. SaphirJD Says:

    Wonderful new song, its always nice to listen to your Music – Simply Beautiful :)

  6. Tudhalyas Says:

    Very nice track, thank you a lot for posting it, Mal! Keep on rocking! :D

  7. ThemNotYou Says:

    Quite beautiful and elegantly expressed. Peaceful chip! <3

  8. Studio Nti Says:

    I LOVE “The Mission” Dance mix!!!

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